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YKH Consulting

Design Excellence with Constructability in Mind

YKH Consulting, LLC was established in Metairie, LA in 2009 as a Mechanical (HVAC & Plumbing), Electrical, and Fire Protection consulting/design engineering design firm. The YKH design team consists of licensed mechanical and electrical engineers as well as experienced project managers. Our team’s experience as both designers, managers, and former contractors, allows a unique perspective that provides valuable insight to improve construction performance, saving time and money without sacrificing quality. The firm is comprised of diverse individuals from various unique backgrounds not normally observed in an engineering firm. In addition, as a local firm we can provide fast response to our client base for all project related design and construction support services.

In early 2020, YKH was selected by the region’s largest healthcare provider to mobilize its resources to assist in FEMA's COVID19 Response. YKH lead a three-week effort consisting of contractor personnel and design professionals to relicense a shuttered 836,000 square foot hospital to make med-surge space available in a nearby public-private hospital. Simultaneously YKH participated with a parallel response team building out a 90,000 square foot of med-surge space in three months.

One year later in mid-2021, YKH was first on the scene the day after Hurricane Ida passed through South Louisiana. YKH’s initial response was helping several hospitals that were left without grid connected electricity, municipal water, and cooling capacity. After the healthcare system was stabilized, YKH transitioned to public infrastructure evaluating area pump stations, bridges, and flood control structures.

Most of YKH's key individuals do not fit into one mold; rather, we utilize each other’s experiences and the experience of our industry partners to provide the best solution. We realize that problems will arise along the way; however, we have a solid reputation defending our client’s core values. We understand that we are not employees of the client and we must collaborate with the client’s employees finding the solution. Most importantly, we protect the client in every financial decision we make.

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