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Performance | Control | Maintenance

YKH's mechanical engineering team focuses on building performance, controllability, useful life, energy use, maintainability, and elegant integration with the architectural design. A building's HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems can account for a significant portion of a project’s construction or remodeling cost.


Our mechanical engineers develop cost-effective and energy-efficient designs that help our clients meet their facility goals and project budgets, and yet are flexible enough to allow for system maintenance and future expansion. 


Our mechanical work includes the evaluation, design and specification of:

Mechanical Engineering

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  • Chiller plants

  • Boiler plants

  • System studies, analysis and reports

  • Heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems

  • Process ventilation and exhaust systems

  • Kitchen exhaust, make-up and fire protection

  • Indoor air quality analysis and design

  • Humidification/dehumidification systems

  • Heat recovery and energy transfer design

  • Heating water and steam generation plants

  • Heating water and steam distribution systems

  • Chilled water production plants

  • Chilled water distribution systems

  • Piping system design

  • Computer room/Data center cooling systems

  • Clean rooms

  • Compressed air systems

  • Chilled glycol process systems

  • Refrigeration systems

  • Instrumentation and controls

  • Energy management systems

  • Building management systems

  • Value management analysis

  • System commissioning Specialty systems, such as:

  • Medical gas piping

  • Deionized water distribution

  • Acid waste neutralization

  • Plumbing systems:

    • Water, waste and ventilation

    • Rainwater reclamation

    • Greywater reclamation

    • Blackwater treatment

    • Plumbing water and sanitary waste systems

    • Domestic hot water systems

    • Roof drainage systems

    • Medical gas systems

    • Laboratory gas systems

    • Natural gas and propane systems

    • Commercial kitchen systems

    • Oil and grease separation systems

    • Chemical waste drainage systems

    • Backflow prevention design


  • Fire protection systems:

    • Wet pipe fire protection sprinkler systems

    • Dry pipe fire protection sprinkler systems

    • Fire pumps

    • Alternate extinguishing systems

    • Smoke exhaust and make-up air systems

    • Life safety systems

  • Other related services

    • Building ventilation/air quality analysis

    • Energy studies and modeling

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