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Power | Lighting | Controls

YKH's electrical engineering expertise consists of providing power, lighting and control systems for the built environment that are reliable, efficient, and tailored to the project’s criteria and to the client’s future needs.

The applications for new technologies are growing at a rapid pace, and therefore requires buildings to have the electrical power systems with the capacity and flexibility to support this growth. Our electrical engineers work very effectively with our clients to understand their technology needs, and develop the supporting electrical infrastructure.


Our expertise ranges from normal power distribution to emergency and uninterruptible power systems. 

Our electrical work includes the evaluation, design and specification of:

Electrical Engineering

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Edison Bulbs

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  • Primary distribution systems for campus and community master plans

  • In building power distribution

  • Lighting and control systems, including:

  • Building internal

  • Building external

  • Site

  • Sports fields

  • Metering systems for measurement, verification and control of loads

  • Electrical grounding systems to facilitate power quality and lightning protection

  • Alternate power systems for emergency and standy by uses

  • Renewable power systems - PV, Wind, Fuel Cell, Microturbine

  • Critical and clean power distribution systems

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

  • Telecommunications systems

  • Fire Alarm and Voice Evacuation systems

  • Security and access control systems

  • Low Energy systems in support of the facility usage – Public Address, Clock, Intercom

  • Lighting systems

  • Site lighting and controls

  • Day lighting and controls

  • Building lighting

  • Ambiance lighting

  • Sports lighting

  • Emergency and exit lighting

  • Standby emergency power

  • Uninterruptible power systems

  • Grounding systems design

  • Fire alarm systems

  • Annunciation systems

  • Nurse call systems

  • Security systems planning and design

  • Data and communications systems

  • Audio/video infrastructure

  • Lighting protection systems

We use ESA and SKM software programs to assist in the analysis of power distribution systems, providing evaluations for optimum design and reliability studies for building master plans. Typical studies include:

  • Load profile and flow

  • System sizing and overcurrent protective device selection

  • Voltage drop and power quality evaluation

  • Time Current Coordination to maximize selective coordination of overcurrent protective devices

  • Emergency power source load starting and operation

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