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Building Information Modeling

YKH Consulting believes Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an innovative method to seamlessly bridge communication and coordination within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction communities.

BIM, is one of the most rapidly emerging technologies within the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry. Development of a comprehensive BIM offers a multitude of advantages to both the design and construction team and to the owner of the facility following completion of construction.

BIM is the process of generating and managing building data. Three-dimensional, dynamic building modeling software is employed in the creation of the model encompassing building geometry, spatial relationships, structural components, mechanical electrical and plumbing systems and the other various elements of the building. As the design process progresses, the building model is updated and refined ending in a comprehensive model used by all parties for coordination, estimating, planning and even future maintenance.

A few advantages of Building Information Models that have lead to the rapid acceptance and increased utilization in the construction industry include:


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  • Improves coordination between Architects and Engineering disciplines during the design process.

  • Reduces the chance for errors and potential for conflicts during construction through detailed interference checks and computer visualization.

  • Reduces the information loss and assists in visualization of the facility during transitions between teams.

  • Improves coordination between the Design Team and the Contractor during bidding and construction.

  • Assists in the preparation of accurate construction and shop drawings, improving quality and efficiency of the documents.

  • Improves coordination between Sub-contractors during construction.

  • Aids scheduling and monitoring of the project.

  • Assists Owners in future maintenance and building planning providing detailed information about the building systems and components that can be easily retrieved at a later date.

As a multi-disciplinary consulting engineering firm, the generation of a BIM allows our experienced team of engineers and designers from each of the different disciplines to coordinate designs and building components with increased accuracy and detail. The model also allows the Owner to visualize the building as an entire facility rather than individual components early on in the design process, helping to ensure that the end product meets or exceeds the intended use and expectations. Increased design detail and a clearer understanding of the project development result in reduced construction time, conflicts and cost.

YKH believes in the importance of the "I" in "BIM" - Information. That information can be graphical or non-graphical and contained directly in the building model or accessible through linked data stored elsewhere. The ability to integrate the design and engineering process through information contained on the documents is what separates BIM from just another drawing tool. Specifically, we have integrated the following into our BIM process:

  • 3-D modeling of MEP systems using AutoDesk Revit.

  • Integration of the 3-D MEP model with architecture and structural components to address conflict resolution.

  • Use of component attributes to allow for product schedule development, cost estimating and linking with shop drawing review/O&M manuals.

  • Importing documents to contractors for development of 3-D coordination drawings.

  • Develop 3-D models for architectural coordination and collaboration.

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